Sister Tattoos

sister tattoos

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The main idea behind sister tattoos is to share the experience with your best friend or a loving relative. In some way, the tattoo should only be “complete” when the two of you are together. In fact, some of the best sister tattoos don’t make any sense to a casual viewer until they are placed side by side. There are many different ways that you can pull this off, and you should talk to your tattoo artist to make sure they’re ready to tackle this kind of challenge. This article will cover some of the basics you need to know to come up with awesome sister tattoo designs.

One of the most basic sister tattoos ideas is to simply think of a written phrase that encapsulates the relationship you have together. This could be song lyrics or a philosophical quote from one of your favorite thinkers. It should be equally meaningful to the both of you, since you’ll both be carrying the burden of these sister tattoos on your body. It could also be a brief set of words that succinctly describe your individual personalities. For example, you and your friend could have “free” and “spirit” tattooed on both of your bodies respectively. This phrase would only be complete if you were standing side by side together.

If you do opt for the written phrase version of sister tattoos, make sure that you plan in advance what kind of writing you want. You may want just plain text or some kind of calligraphy, but you don’t want to just blindly get these words inscribed on your body. You don’t want to have to regret this with your friend later on, so spend some time trying to think of a font that really represents who you are together.

Don’t limit yourself to just words, either. There are plenty of great sister tattoo ideas that can use symbols in lieu of words. One popular option is to take a logo for a band you both love and have seen together. You can split or break this logo in two, then have each half tattooed on your bodies. That way when you come back together, the logo is joined together and makes sense to the person viewing it. This can also be done with a number of religious symbols or other logos that might be meaningful to you.

Also, you could opt for a more intricate sister tattoo design. There really are no limits to the types of ideas you can generate. This is because, by and large you’re just getting a standard tattoo with one of your friends. The only difference is that you’re sharing it together. So sit down together and think about some tattoos that you mutually enjoy as friends. Think about pictures and artwork that really symbolizes the relationship you have with one another. You could opt to get a stylized heart design that is custom made by one of your more artistic mutual friends. This heart can then be broken in two, with each piece being inscribed on your bodies.

When you feel like you are ready to commit to your sister tattoos, talk to a few different tattoo artists. Try to find someone who has done this sort of artwork before, since it may be difficult to execute. Realize that the artist will have to create mirror images of a piece of art, then conform that to two people who may have different contours to their body. Once you find someone with the skills to pull this off, you should be willing to get this tattoo together. Remember that this is a shared experience, and one that you’re likely to remember for the rest of your lives.

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